Secure online payment processing for a better payment experience

Our online payment processing solution empowers you to create a secure, professional payment experience personalized to support the needs of your members, supporters, donors, and sponsors.

Not only can you easily accept credit, debit, and eCheck payments from anywhere, you can also take advantage of automatic recurring billing tools to make paying even more convenient. Plus, you can use our mobile app and Bluetooth reader/swiper to accept mobile payments on any iOS or Android device.

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Credit Card Payment Processing

Securely accept credit and debit card payments from members, supporters, donors, and sponsors

Our user-friendly credit card payment processing solution allows you to accept payments for membership dues, event registrations, donations, sponsorships, and more—online or in person.

Breathe easy knowing our payment gateway utilizes advanced data encryption and robust cybersecurity safeguards to ensure sensitive information is always protected.

  • Securely store payment details in our proprietary vault and effortlessly process future charges
  • Offer one-click checkout to provide a frictionless online payment experience and drive more revenue for your organization
  • Easily void same-day transactions and issue full or partial refunds for up to six months after the charge

Mobile Payments

Increase revenue and optimize the payment experience with mobile credit card processing

Available for both iOS and Android devices, our mobile app enables you to securely accept and manage credit card payments on your smartphone or tablet.

Enter payment details manually or use our Bluetooth reader/swiper to make mobile credit card processing even easier.

  • Accept magstripe cards, EMV chip cards, and NFC/contactless payments at fundraisers, conferences, conventions, and annual meetings
  • Capture digital signatures, email receipts, search transaction histories, and void or refund previous charges

eCheck Payment Processing

Avoid the hassles of paper checks with simple, secure electronic fund transfers (EFTs)

With our eCheck payment processing, your members and supporters can electronically transfer funds directly from their bank accounts to yours, making eCheck payments faster and more secure than paper checks.

In addition, our flexible eCheck technology features the same easy-to-use tools as our card payment options.

  • Give members and sponsors the ability to submit large payments online conveniently and securely
  • Utilize real-time authorization to instantly confirm transaction success or failure and reduce payment delays
  • Improve cash flow by increasing your available payment options and giving members and supporters more ways to pay

Account Updater

Keep your revenue streams active by preventing failed transactions on recurring payments

Account Updater is a behind-the-scenes feature that regularly reviews stored cards and cards added to recurring payment profiles that have been successfully charged in the past to determine if the account information is still valid.

If the card data is outdated, Account Updater uses information from the issuing bank to automatically update card details, including account numbers and expiration dates.

  • Protect your cash flow by reducing declined payments resulting from card expiration, account closures, and lost/stolen cards
  • Minimize time and costs associated with obtaining updated payment information and manually updating payment profiles
  • Make it easy to maintain active memberships and recurring donations by keeping payment profiles and saved credit card tokens up-to-date

QR Codes

Modernize your payment experience while safely and securely accepting in-person payments

Our QR code payment functionality allows your members and supporters to securely submit payments directly from their mobile devices.

When a member or supporter scans your unique QR code, they will be redirected to your mobile-friendly AffiniPay payment page where they can enter their credit card or eCheck information and pay instantly.

  • Take advantage of contactless payments by displaying your QR code at your desk, at events, and on printed invoices
  • Reduce your security risk by eliminating the need for you or your staff to handle sensitive payment information
  • Provide a safer, more convenient member-focused payment experience by allowing members to complete transactions entirely on their phones

Custom Payment Links

Take payments directly on your website with customizable payment pages

With our custom Payment Links, members and supporters can securely submit payments on your website without being redirected to a third-party site or separate payment gateway.

You can personalize your payment pages with your organization’s logo and contact information to create a seamless, professional payment experience.

  • Simplify your online payment processing by adding secure links to your custom payment pages to your website, emails, and invoices
  • Transform your website into a fundraising tool by making it easy for donors to contribute and for supporters to complete checkout
  • Be confident about data privacy since all payment pages are hosted on our secure, PCI Level 1-compliant system


AffiniPay for Associations makes managing money a breeze by combining invoice creation and payments into one intuitive platform. Say goodbye to juggling multiple tools and hello to getting paid faster. This easy-to-use solution saves you time and cuts costs by streamlining your entire billing process and boosting your bottom line.

  • Generate detailed invoices with service and expense line items
  • Instantly email members with a convenient payment link
  • Use real-time invoice tracking for seamless financial management
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Scheduled Payments

Streamline your online payment processing by scheduling payments in advance

Our Scheduled Payments feature allows you to quickly set up one-time future charges or establish automatic recurring payments—all at no extra cost.

Enter the card details or bank account information, select the charge amount, and choose the frequency. Then, sit back and watch as transactions run automatically.

  • Create custom schedules: end on a specific date or after a fixed number of transactions, continue until a set amount has been paid, or repeat indefinitely
  • Reduce the financial burden on members by giving them the option to pay dues in smaller increments throughout the year
  • Use recurring payments to establish a steadier, more consistent cash flow to help supplement revenue during leaner months

Professional Payments Network

The Professional Payments Network provides access to an exclusive network of accounts payable vendors and several thousand banks, allowing you to get paid faster, experience easier reconciliation, and accept more secure payment methods, including virtual cards.

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Card Vault

Securely request and save payment methods to make accepting future payments easy

With Card Vault from AffiniPay, you can securely store your members’ preferred payment methods without increasing your PCI compliance obligations.

Collect payment information from members when they sign up or at any point in the future and then easily make charges without having to re-collect or re-enter payment information.

  • Store multiple preferred payment methods for each member and supporter, including credit, debit, and eCheck
  • Use the Request Card feature to have members enter their own payment information and submit an authorization form
  • Keep member and supporter payment information on file without adding to your PCI requirements

PCI Level 1 compliant technology

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